Bowls etc.

Bowl 1601 Spalted Beech

I made this bowl from a log of spalted beech, not much bigger than the bowl itself. I liked the woodworm and spalted patterns and finished it off with some sanding sealer and beeswax. The […]

Bowls etc.

Bowl 1517 Oak

This bowl was about 200 mm in diameter upon completion. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


Small Plant/Flower Stands

Here are some plant/flower holders I made using various wood and different types of test tubes. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Wall Mounted

Wine Glass Hanger

This was one of my first projects using some wood from my grandad’s garage. This piece was already cut to this profile and in wondering what to use it for, I decided some sort of […]


Walnut Table

This table was made on 24th January 2016 from plans in a woodworking magazine that I got for Christmas that year, which labelled it as a blanket bench and used pocket holes. I tweaked the […]



Mother’s Day 2017 was easily solved – use a bit of elder from the garden to make a honeydipper! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


Shovel Handle

Sometimes, tools show their age but still deliver the goods. Here, I had a request to make a new handle for a shovel (of sentimental value too) since the current one had started to rot. […]


BP Petrol Globe Lamp

My parents bought me and my brother a reproduction petrol station globe each from a local antique shop, to be used as a lampshade of sorts.  They sold homemade bases in the same shop but […]