Mother’s Day 2017 was easily solved – use a bit of elder from the garden to make a honeydipper!

I started woodturning before we moved out of the old house. During some garden pruning, I kept a few bits of wood to practice turning green(er) stock.

This piece of elder had been air drying for over a year when I came to use it.

The lathe bench was still a mess and not fully unpacked from the move…

The roughing gouge cut very efficiently through the thin bark, even around the knots.

Once the stock was circular, I made up the design as I went along.

With how thin this was getting, I was scared of snapping it with the turning tools and crushing it by the pressure of the end stock. Re-sharpening the tools and taking it slowly meant there were no oops moments.

This was cleaned up with some sandpaper.

The end was separated from the end stock by slowly cutting into the point where it would break off. Once done, I re-seated it in the lathe for a final clean up.

I used a saw to lop the end off and sanded the end.

The food-safe mineral oil came out again for a few coats, the last of which was left to air dry in the sun.

You don’t see honeydippers being used much over here, at least not in the home, but they are very effective tools and quite popular in other parts of Europe. Still, it was fun to make.