Copper Pipe Repair

I had a garden tap fitted last summer as the house didn’t have one. It runs from inside the garage/workshop (where I can isolate it and drain it down), through the wall and then along […]

Bowls etc.

Bowl 1602 Sapele

A sapele bowl made on 8th April 2016, finished with sanding sealer and friction polish. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


Oak Box from Log

Here’s a box I made for the cost of about £1 of materials. It’s from some oak, hewn in Wales by someone I regularly buy from. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Boards and Coasters

Wenge Board

The wenge block I had bought had been cut through its length to leave two leaves. I cut these off and squared them up, leaving me with two boards. I had originally thought to use […]


Glow in the Dark Resin Signs

I purchased a template set with numbers and letters on so that I could make signs with the router. I then combined this with some glow in the dark powder and resin, within which I […]


Pine Tea Light Holders

These were among the first things I made when I got my table saw and drill press, on 14th March 2015. I’d decided individual squares of pine with a recess for the tea light would […]


Wenge Tea Light Holder

I made this from an offcut of wenge I had, back in 2015 sometime. I remember how remarkably splintery and prone to tear out this wood is. It has a beautiful grain against a dark […]


First Stall

I had the opportunity to buy a stall at Halstow Primary School during their craft fair on 14th November 2015. I managed to do quite well, selling lots of the bowls, boards, coasters and candle […]