First Stall

I had the opportunity to buy a stall at Halstow Primary School during their craft fair on 14th November 2015. I managed to do quite well, selling lots of the bowls, boards, coasters and candle holders (most feature elsewhere on the site) and generating a couple of commissions.

Unfortunately the only photo I could find from those days involves me looking a bit goofy (and tired). Oh to be young again…

I wasn’t sure how small the tables would be and I ended up getting a second one to fit everything on. Unfortunately it meant I didn’t have space to sell some of mum’s cards as well.

When people take an interest and then see the (very reasonable, probably too cheap for the cost of the time alone, let alone the cost of the hardwood materials!) pricetag, they quickly move on. It’s very annoying when I go around other markets and shops to see people selling poorly made woodwork for ridiculous prices. It reminds me very much of the Harry & Paul sketch “I Saw You Coming” shop. Things are only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it but often don’t realise what goes into making it. Pricing your own work, especially when you are your own harshest critic, is very difficult! Still, lessons were learnt.