Pine Tea Light Holders

These were among the first things I made when I got my table saw and drill press, on 14th March 2015. I’d decided individual squares of pine with a recess for the tea light would be better than an item which holds more than one.I had a piece of softwood from my grandad’s garage collection which I thought was something other than pine. Turns out it just had a patina from its age, but it cleaned up nicely.

I used my homemade crosscut jig to divide it into squares first and then marked the centre with a scoring knife and combination square.

The tea lights tend to be about 40 mm in diameter and the 44 mm forstner bit works well enough. Ideally I’d have more of a snug fit but we make do with what we have.

Over to the vice to hold it so I could use the handheld router to round over the edges. This was still pre-router table days.


A quick sand later to remove the burn marks and patina.

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