This website is a place for me to document various projects I’ve made over the years. They are not (yet?) intended to be tutorials or best practice.

I do this sort of stuff as a hobby, though I am open to requests, commissions and other work. I do not claim to be an expert! I have previously sold my work at craft fairs, to friends and family.

My aim is to establish the website and perhaps set up an online shop. A YouTube channel may follow, depending on feedback and progress.

I hope my articles will help others in their projects and perhaps inspire new starters. I try to provide tips and learning points in each article for things that I could have done better or advice for others doing something similar. I have not and don’t intend to make plans for any of these projects yet.

I will do my best to approve and respond to comments as soon as they come in, otherwise please use the Contact page to get in touch directly.

I have always been into woodwork, DIY, gardening and model making, stemming from my childhood with my parents and grandparents. I learnt a lot from them and especially my grandfathers; one of whom was a very practical and capable DIYer, (mainly using budget tools, softwood, a workmate and a few trusty/prized hand tools – power tools didn’t really feature and even the corded drill only came out for the biggest jobs!) the other concentrated more on the fineries of woodworking, carving and using hardwoods. I owe a lot to them – especially tidying up as you go and tidying at the end of the day – and I still use some of their tools and techniques. Mum’s jewellery and arts background also influences my work and attitude, whilst dad’s “that’ll do” approach and interest in model trains, cars, boats and the like also set me up very well.

We used to use the basement at our old house in Greenwich as a workshop, moreso after my dad’s parents passed and we inherited the whole house in 2015. Inheritance tax forced a quick sale and in 2016 we went our separate ways. I now live in Kent in a house whose basement makes for an ideal workshop space which I am in the process of setting up.

My uncle is also into carpentry and dabbled in the realms of furniture restoration (antiques) before moving to Canada. His tools and wood are also in a collection with my grandad’s, though they’d been sat in a damp garage for much of the last 35 years or so. This is my main source of quality hardwood as they managed to find a joblot for about £10 – that was a long time ago but even a bargain in those days.

Most of the other wood I buy comes from eBay, whether collecting or having it delivered. There are a few sellers I use more than others and the quality of goods is always excellent. I also highly recommend Catford Timber yard, who helped me choose a decent plank of walnut which I made a table out of. I don’t live in the area anymore and will soon look to other suppliers around Maidstone.

One day I will probably have a section/page/video about the tools and woods I use, where they came from and maybe even start some reviews. I mainly use Amazon, though D-M Tools, Record Power and Screwfix are also favourites. Part of the fun of this sort of work is the research that goes into the buying decision – being given a tool you knew little about makes it feel inferior to one you did some homework on. That’s not to say second hand tools are not worth it either – I’ve purchased my router table, planer/thicknesser and some hand planes on eBay, reconditioned and restored other hand tools from various sources and also been to charity shops and boot fairs when passing. Probably one of my favourite woodwork related quotes (not sure who first said it) is “my worst fear in life is when I die and my family sell my tools for what I said I paid for them” – whilst this is true in part, you don’t need to break the bank to start out, get good or even produce quality. You can do a lot with the cheaper tools provided they are adjustable enough to get square, parallel and straight.

YouTube tends to be the best place to learn and there are a few popular woodworkers I follow for ideas, tips and inspiration. I will put links up soon.