Glow in the Dark Resin Signs

I purchased a template set with numbers and letters on so that I could make signs with the router. I then combined this with some glow in the dark powder and resin, within which I […]


Pine Tea Light Holders

These were among the first things I made when I got my table saw and drill press, on 14th March 2015. I’d decided individual squares of pine with a recess for the tea light would […]


Wenge Tea Light Holder

I made this from an offcut of wenge I had, back in 2015 sometime. I remember how remarkably splintery and prone to tear out this wood is. It has a beautiful grain against a dark […]


First Stall

I had the opportunity to buy a stall at Halstow Primary School during their craft fair on 14th November 2015. I managed to do quite well, selling lots of the bowls, boards, coasters and candle […]


Small Plant/Flower Stands

Here are some plant/flower holders I made using various wood and different types of test tubes. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Wall Mounted

Wine Glass Hanger

This was one of my first projects using some wood from my grandad’s garage. This piece was already cut to this profile and in wondering what to use it for, I decided some sort of […]

Wall Mounted

Guitar Hangers

I had previously been using some fold-out metal guitar stands to hold my guitars. They did the job but they took up floor space and weren’t always in the safest place. They were also quite […]