Bowls etc.

Bowl 1602 Sapele

A sapele bowl made on 8th April 2016, finished with sanding sealer and friction polish. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Bowls etc.

Bowl 1601 Spalted Beech

I made this bowl from a log of spalted beech, not much bigger than the bowl itself. I liked the woodworm and spalted patterns and finished it off with some sanding sealer and beeswax. The […]

Bowls etc.

Bowl 1517 Oak

This bowl was about 200 mm in diameter upon completion. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn



Mother’s Day 2017 was easily solved – use a bit of elder from the garden to make a honeydipper! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


Shovel Handle

Sometimes, tools show their age but still deliver the goods. Here, I had a request to make a new handle for a shovel (of sentimental value too) since the current one had started to rot. […]


BP Petrol Globe Lamp

My parents bought me and my brother a reproduction petrol station globe each from a local antique shop, to be used as a lampshade of sorts.  They sold homemade bases in the same shop but […]